About AFL

About AssessFamilyLaw.org

AssessFamilyLaw.org is a free resource of the Freedom 22 Foundation.  It’s a convenient tool to promote more interest in—and dialogue about—possible improvements in family law systems.

By use of the “Assess your jurisdiction” link, judges and attorneys can quickly (and confidentially) rate how any jurisdiction’s family law system performs on 25 Measures we think are important to a good system.  An Assessment is then produced with ideas on changes.

While these 25 Measures were chosen after discussions with hundreds of judges and family bar leaders, we make no claim they’re the final word on a perfect system.  Our hope is that the bench and bar in more and more jurisdictions will be animated by this resource to consider improvements that an serve families well.

We hope you’ll encourage all your family judges and attorneys to complete an assessment on AssessFamilyLaw.org—and then discuss ways forward.

You can also use the Look up completed assessments link to see what other jurisdictions are doing.

More information about AssessFamilyLaw.org is available on these links.

We wish you great success in your service to families in transition and crisis, and we welcome your comments and Feedback.